Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (2024)

FromSoftware has taken its Soulborne gameplay formula to new heights with the launch of Elden Ring. The implementations of an open world, mounted combat, and so much more have combined to create an experience unlike any other in gaming. Some of the most unexpected additions to the game have had huge effects on how it's played.


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One of Elden Ring's most significant changes to the Soulsborne format is the addition of the Flask of Wondrous Physick. This extra flask utilizes the various Crystal Tears found throughout the game, allowing you to mix two tears at a time at any site of grace, with each combination of tears having a unique effect on your gameplay. Here are our picks for the best Wondrous Physick combinations present in Elden Ring.

Updated July 6, 2024, by Andrew Scariati: Creating the best Flask of Wondrous Physick mix in Elden Ring takes time, as you'll need to hunt down several side bosses to earn Cracked Tears. We've added more combinations and recommendations for the best Physick Elden Ring can offer your build.

15 Strength-Knot Crystal Tear And Thorny Cracked Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (2)

The Thorny Cracked Tear is one of Elden Ring's offense-focused Tears. It briefly increases the power of every consecutive hit, causing chain combos to continuously grow more forceful. The result is a brief burst of offensive devastation if its consumption is timed right. You can find the Thorny Cracked Tear east of Ordina, held by the Putrid Avatar guarding the Consecrated Snowfield's Minor Erdtree.

The Strength-Knot Crystal Tear makes for a pretty logical pairing with the Thorny Cracked Tear, which can briefly increase your damage overall. If you want to hit as hard as possible, this combo will certainly give you the type of strength you want. The Strength-Knot Crystal Tear is located northeast of Stormhill Shack.

14 Windy Crystal Tear And Winged Crystal Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (3)

Mobility is absolutely crucial to success in Elden Ring, no matter how power-focused your build is. The ability to dodge and roll away from enemy attacks will often keep you alive, which is why the Windy Crystal Tear is so handy. It increases the efficiency of your roll, increasing the amount of time you remain invincible while rolling. You can get your hands on the Windy Crystal Tear near the Nomadic Merchant in the southern part of Caelid.

While the Windy Crystal Tear is quite clutch on its own, combining it with other Tears can improve your range of movement even further. Its counterpart, the Winged Crystal Tear, increases your maximum carry capacity by a tremendous amount, meaning that on top of equipping and carrying more than you normally could, your movement will be more nimble and agile. It's found just outside the Capital Outskirts, east of the Minor Erdtree.

13 Spiked Cracked Tear And Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (4)

The Spiked Cracked Tear is a useful Crystal Tear that temporarily increases the power of your charged attacks. Your strongest abilities will hit even harder for a few minutes, allowing you to unleash your most powerful attacks on foes with increased effectiveness. This is an excellent Tear in combinations that allow you to power through enemy attacks, like the Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear.

When using the Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear, you'll absorb non-physical damage from attacks as HP for a short time. When fighting against magic users, this can be extremely useful, and combined with the Spiked Cracked Tear, you'll be able to ignore their offensive magic and charge your attacks for major damage.

12 Spiked Cracked Tear And Stonebarb Cracked Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (5)

The Cracked Spiked Tear is one of many Tears that can be used in a wide variety of great combinations. Its powerful charge attacks alone are a great bonus, but you can make it even more useful by pairing it with the Stonebarb Cracked Tear, which makes your attacks more effective at breaking an enemy's stance.

Charged attacks are already effective ways to cause enemies to stagger, leaving them vulnerable to even stronger visceral attacks. This combination will increase both the force of your charge attacks and your ability to break the stance of your foes, opening them up for your hugely powerful visceral attacks more frequently.

The Spiked Crack Tear is found near the Minor Erdtree in Mistwood, while the Putrid Avatar drops the Stonebarb Cracked Tear near the Dragonsbarrow Fork site of Grace in Caelid.

11 Crimson Crystal Tear And Crimson Bubbletear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (7)

The Crimson Crystal Tear will heal you for 50 percent of your maximum health, making for one of the most useful Crystal Tears in the game (found at the Third Church of Marika).

You can pick up the Crimson Bubbletear by defeating the Erdtree Avatar east of the Mountaintop of the Giants.

For a bit of added protection, you can combine this tear with the Crimson Bubbletear. For three minutes after using your flask, if an attack takes your health down to 20 percent or lower, this Crystal Tear will heal you instead. This essentially grants you a second chance after an attack that would have been fatal. With this combination, you can heal during a tough encounter and have a safety net in case a blow would have otherwise killed you.

10 Crimsonburst Crystal Tear And Speckled Hardtear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (8)

There are a few solid options for a defense-focused Flask of Wondrous Physick, and the Speckled Hardtear is one of the best options for this purpose. This Hardtear's ability to boost your resistance to any ailments, in addition to healing you of your current status afflictions, can be helpful in a pinch.

You'll find the Speckled Hardtear at the Atlus Plateau's Minor Erdtree after defeating Wormface there.

If you'd like a bit of added security and comfort with your increased resistance, you can pair the Speckled Hardtear with the Crimsonburst Crystal Tear. Held by the Weeping Peninsula's Erdtree Avatar, this handy Crystal Tear will continuously heal you for around three minutes. Having your health restored slowly on top of resisting any status effects can be a key factor when trying to defeat Elden Ring's arduous enemies.

9 Thorny Cracked Tear And Greenspill Crystal Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (9)

The Thorny Cracked Tear is extremely valuable for an offensive boost, especially for melee-based character builds. Its ability to increase the power of your combo attacks with each hit is nothing to overlook if you're playing as a character that tends to slice and dice your foes.


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Want to increase the number of consecutive hits you can get in with the Thorny Cracked Tear before it runs out? Combine it with the Greenspill Crystal Tear on the same altar in Mistwood as the Spike Cracked Tear. Mixing this into your flask will increase your maximum stamina temporarily, allowing you to squeeze in more swings in a row to overwhelm your opponents.

8 Greenburst Crystal Tear And Leaden Hardtear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (11)

The Greenburst Crystal Tear can be incredibly useful when granting yourself an edge in combat. It allows you to recover stamina at a significantly increased rate for three minutes, letting you pile in more and more attacks in a manner similar to the Greenspill Crystal Tear. You can acquire this tear at Caelid's Minor Erdtree near the Smoldering Church.

To maximize your use of this heightened stamina recovery, you could pair the Greenburst Crystal Tear with the Leaden Hardtear. The Hardtear, acquired by defeating the Ulcerated Tree Spirit found at Mt. Gelmir, will give you increased poise for a time, allowing you to avoid being staggered and maximize the use of your stamina.

7 Opaline Hardtear And Windy Crystal Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (12)

The Windy Crystal Tear is one of the most unique options for your flask. With the increased amount of time you're invulnerable to damage during a dodge roll, you can ensure that enemies struggle to deal damage to you for a short while. Of course, if you want a bit of extra insurance, you can add the Opaline Hardtear to the mix.

With the Opaline Hardtear, you'll see a broad reduction to all damage afflicted to you, though the effect is lessened when it comes to PvP fights online.

The Opaline Hardtear is dropped by the Putrid Avatar found north of Fort Faroth, also located in Caelid.

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (13)

One of the most significant Crystal Tears in the game is the Cerulean Hidden Tear. This unique item removes all consumption of FP, allowing you to use your magic and other FP-based abilities without constantly watching the blue bar in the corner of your screen. While brief, the effect allows for a 15-second magical onslaught on your enemies.

This Crystal Tear is dropped by the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, to the east of the Road of Iniquity site of grace.

The Erdtree Avatar located at the Northeast Liurnia Minor Erdtree will drop this Magic and Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tears, if Holy attacks and incantations are more your thing.

For those who use magic attacks and sorceries, one great combination for the Cerulean Hidden Tear is the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, which gives all Intelligence-based attacks and spells a 20 percent boost for three minutes.

5 Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear And Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (14)

Speaking of the Magic Shrouding Crystal Tear, you might want to test it out with a few different combinations, especially if you lean toward magic abilities. Its impressive boost makes it one of the most useful items to keep in your flask if you're a mage.


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Another intriguing combination for this useful Cracked Tear is pairing it with the Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear. It will further increase your intelligence stat, pushing your spellcasting potential even further into the stratosphere. This is a must-try combination for anyone focusing on Intelligence.

4 Winged Crystal Tear And Strength/Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (16)

The Winged Crystal Tearn is very helpful, increasing your max equipment load by a significant amount for a brief period, and allows you to equip the wide variety of powerful weapons and gear you've wanted without weighing yourself down.

While you could utilize the Winged Crystal Tear for defensive capabilities, you can also combine it with a very strong weapon. For maximum effect, you can pair it with either the Strength-Knot Crystal Tear or the Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear to increase your strength or dexterity, respectively. These will boost the attack power of whichever weapon you choose, allowing you to make the most use of your temporary equipment.

The Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear is southeast of Boilprawn Shack on the southern end of Liurnia of the Lakes.

3 Opaline Bubbletear And Ruptured Crystal Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (17)

If you want to turn your flask into a safety net for your most dangerous runs, one of the best in the game is the Opaline Bubbletear, which significantly negates the damage you take from the next attack that hits you by putting a glowing shield around you for three minutes. In a tough encounter, this Crystal Tear can save you from a potentially devastating attack.

The Opaline Bubbletear is obtained by defeating the Erdtree Avatar underneath the Weeping Peninsula's Minor Erdtree.

You can combine the Opaline Bubbletear with the Ruptured Crystal Tear, which causes you to violently explode and inflict massive Holy damage on any enemies around you. The explosion has a slight delay, meaning that your bubble shield will already be active when you explode, negating the damage and allowing you to do major one-time damage.

The Ruptured Crystal Tear can be found in two locations - either defeat the Erdtree Avatar in Liurnia of the Lakes or the Putrid Avatar in the Consecrated Snowfield area.

2 Bloodsucking Cracked Tear And Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (18)

The Bloodsucking Cracked Tear is easily one of the best new tears introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, raising your attack power by 20 percent for three minutes. The tradeoff is that your HP is drained by one percent every second, eventually resulting in death if you're not careful

The Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear is dropped by the Erdtree Avatar in the northeastern area of Liurnia.

The Bloodsucking Cracked Tear can be looted by defeating the Furnace Golem at the Ruins of Unte.

When combined with another damage-dealing Cracked Tear, like the Lighting-Shrouding one, you can enable incredibly high damage with your choice of elemental weapon.

Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (19)

On the other end of the spectrum, the Opaline Bubbletear and Cerulean Hidden Tear combine to form an excellent, balanced combination of defense and offense – the best Physick mix in Elden Ring. As noted, the Oplaine Bubbletear is great for negating damage, and the Cerulean Hidden Tear is the perfect boon for glass cannon builds, like mages.

The Opaline Bubbletear will keep you safe, while the Cerulean Hidden Tear allows you to cast the most powerful sorceries, even allowing an elongated casting of Comet Azur. This is the best Flask of Wondrous Physick combination, and can be modified with the Viridian Hidden Tear if you prefer unlimited Stamina for a brief time.


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Elden Ring: The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Combinations (2024)
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