How to Add an Email to a Quotev Account (with Pictures) (2024)

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1Adding an Email while Signing Up

2Adding an Email to an Existing Account

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Quotev is a website on which users can create stories, quizzes, and follow other users. Adding an email to your Quotev account can add an extra layer of security in case you forget your account information or password. You can add an email when you sign up or add one manually to an existing account. This wikiHow will tell you how to add an email to a Quotev account.

Method 1

Method 1 of 2:

Adding an Email while Signing Up

  1. 1

    Go to Access the Quotev website so you can create your account. You can't write or create anything without an account, but you still can read books.

  2. 2

    Click Sign up. This will open the log in/sign up menu which will be used to create or log into an account.

  3. 3

    Create a username. Under Name and/or Username, type in the username you wish to have associated with your account.

    • You will have the option to change your username every six months in case you wish to update it.
  4. 4

    Type in your email. Find Your email and type in your email address. Do not click the blue Skip email option.

    • Use an email you use, since you'll be updated with new features.
  5. 5

    Reenter your email address. Type your email in once again under the Repeat email option to verify you typed your email address in correctly.

  6. 6

    Create a password. Come up with a safe password to use for your account. Enter this in the New password field.

  7. 7

    Select your birthday. To create a Quotev account, you need to be at least 13 years old. Enter your birthday to verify your age by selecting your birth month, day, and year under the Your birthdate field.

  8. 8

    Agree to the Terms of Service. Click the blue Terms of Service link, and agree to follow them.

  9. 9

    Click Sign up. After you've entered all the necessary information for account creation, select the purple Sign up option to create your account.

    • Additionally, you can create an account using Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Using the Google option will likely save your email address.


Method 2

Method 2 of 2:

Adding an Email to an Existing Account

  1. 1

    Go to Access the Quotev website to log in.

  2. 2

    Log in. Log into your Quotev account by clicking Log in and entering your username and password or logging in with Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

  3. 3

    Go to your profile. Open the sidebar menu by clicking . Select Profile to access your account profile page.

  4. 4

    Click the purple Edit profile button. This will let you edit your account information and profile.

  5. 5

    Choose the Account option. This new menu includes the options to edit your email, password, linked accounts, username, and to deactivate your account and view recent logins.

  6. 6

    Click Set email or Change to update your email. Choose the first email if you don't already have an email set to your account and the second if you wish to update the email set to your account.

  7. 7

    Enter your password. This verifies that it's you editing the email and not a hacker. Reenter your password into the Password field.

    • In the case that you forgot your password, select the blue Forgot your password? option and follow the steps given to reset your password. This option should be available if you are updating your email rather than setting it.
  8. 8

    Type in your new email address. Under the New email option, enter the email address you wish to associate with your Quotev account.

  9. 9

    Reenter your email. Verify the email address by typing it again under Repeat email.

  10. 10

    Select Change email. Select this option to verify you are updating your email, and it should save.

  11. 11

    Check your inbox. Quotev will send a confirmation email to your email address. Confirm that this is the email you will be using for your account.


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      • Adding an email to your account will allow you to access your account if you forget your password.


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