Kosher hotel in New York - Best hotels 2023 - Easy Kosher Travel (2024)

Kosher hotel in New York - Best hotels 2023 - Easy Kosher Travel (1)

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Last updated: March 2023

Kosher hotels in New York - recommended hotels for kosher and Shabbat observant in New York, close to kosher restaurants and synagogues

Those looking for a kosher hotel in New York will find it mostly in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn borough is home to New York’s Jewish community, which is one of the largest in the world.

Central New York also has an active Jewish community, synagogues, kosher restaurants and Chabad houses. You can find hotels in Manhattan that not kosher, but definitely suitable for Shabbat and kosher observers in terms of proximity to kosher restaurants and synagogues.

Manhattan has countless accommodation options, but there is no kosher hotel in New York in the Manhattan area. Because of this, I recommend staying for the week in Manhattan – close to all the attractions. And on Shabbat stay at a kosher hotel in Brooklyn, which is more suitable for Shabbat observants. Brooklyn offers a huge variety of food ready for Shabbat, synagogues and also strictly kosher hotels.

For those who prefer to stay in the center of New York on Shabbat, I suggest staying in one of the hotels recommended below, which are suitable for Shabbat observant and are close to synagogues or Chabad of Midtown Manhattan.

  • Kosher hotels in New York - Brooklyn
  • Kosher hotels in Central New York City - Manhattan
  • Hotels and apartments in Crown Heights neighborhood - Chabad 770

Kosher Hotels in New York - Strictly Kosher Hotels in Brooklyn

  • Park House Hotel Brooklyn

    A kosher hotel in New York in the Borough Park neighborhood. A simple and good place owned by a Jew, in a great location close to a subway station. The hotel staff is courteous and helps with any problem and request.
    Extra large room with comfortable and huge beds.
    We stayed at this hotel ourselves on a trip to New York, so it is recommended from personal experience.

    Shabbat: The hotel is fully adapted for Shabbat-observants, and is located in the Boro-Park neighborhood close to many synagogues. You can order strictly kosher food to sit through the hotel’s reception desk. Address: 1206 48th Street Brooklyn.

    Tip: It is recommended to order from the renovated rooms on the upper floors of the hotel. We stayed in a renovated and cozy room on the fourth floor. You should also ask for a room that does not face the street when booking.

Kosher hotel in New York - Best hotels 2023 - Easy Kosher Travel (2)

Update: As of April 2022, the hotel does not offer breakfast. There is a 24-hour coffee room on the first floor. You can buy sandwiches and prepared food at kosher shops near the hotel.

  • Condor Hotel Brooklyn

    A hotel in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Great service. Kosher shops and restaurants and mostly synagogues are nearby.

Hotels for Kosher Observant in Central New York City - Manhattan

In the following list you will find hotels that are not necessarily kosher, but are recommended for Shabbat and kosher observants in New York.
These hotels are Shabbat-observant friendly, and some also offer kosher meals by pre-order.
The following hotels are also close to kosher restaurants, synagogues or a Chabad house in Manhattan:

  • San Carlos Hotel New York

    A fine hotel in the center of Manhattan, 10 minutes’ walk from the Rockefeller. Very close to a subway station.
    Large and spacious rooms, equipped with a minibar, microwave, safe, bathtub(!) and attached kitchenette. Coffee/tea making facilities in all rooms.
    Lovely staff and partially Hebrew speaking.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observers: The hotel staff is aware of the needs of Shabbat Observers and tries to help as best it can. On request, they provide a Shabbat plate, the option of a regular key rather than a digital one, without sensors. Close to synagogues.

  • Hotel Lucerne

    A hotel in an excellent location in the center of Manhattan, close to Central Park and near a subway station.

    The hotel has a gym.

    Near the hotel there are mostly synagogues, kosher restaurants and shops where you can find kosher products.

    For Shabbatobservers: The hotel employees are aware of the needs of religious Jews and on Shabbat they will usually operate the elevator, open the rooms and more.

  • Iroquois New York Times Square

    An excellent hotel in a perfect location – 2 minutes from Times Square, near Central Park and the main sites in New York.
    It is a five-minute walk from the Chabad House on Fifth Avenue, which offers excellent Shabbat meals, and is therefore very suitable for staying on Shabbat.
    A free coffee/soft drink station is available to guests in the lobby.
    The hotel has a gym open 24 hours, and rooms are accessible to people with disabilities.

    The hotel participates in the Black Friday sale at Booking!

  • Hotel Newton

    A small and pleasant hotel located in the Upper West Side area, close to Central Park and the Met Museum.
    Adjacent to a subway station, synagogues and a variety of kosher restaurants. A wonderful team.
    The hotel rooms include a refrigerator and microwave.
    A free coffee/tea corner with cookies and fruit is at the service of guests in the lobby 24 hours.

    Tip: It is recommended to upgrade for a nominal fee (NIS 20-80) to a deluxe room and get a larger and more spacious room.

Shabbat observant friendly: the hotel staff is aware of the needs of Shabbat observant guests and opens the door for them. Rooms without sensors. Near synagogues and kosher restaurants

  • Riu Plaza New York Times Square

    4 star hotel in the heart of Manhattan: 3 minutes walk from Times Square, close to a subway station. A short walk from synagogues and kosher restaurants.

    The hotel rooms are air-conditioned and include a safe and an iron.

    Attractive price, and excellent value for money.

  • Belnord Hotel

    A nice and cozy hotel in the Upper West Side. Excellent location near Central Park, near a subway station.

    For Shabbat Observant: synagogues and kosher restaurants in the area. Coffee corner and small fridge on the floor. Attractive price.

    The main disadvantage of the hotel is the size of the rooms: very small rooms, really tiny. But for those who want to save and still stay in a great location, this is an excellent option.

Hotels close to 770 - Chabad World Center in Crown Heights, New York

  • Best Western PLUS Arena Hotel

    A hotel in the Crown Heights neighborhood, about a 20-minute walk from the Chabad World Center. The hotel also offers family rooms suitable for 4 people. A gym and adjacent parking.

  • Pad On The Parkway

    Charming renovated vacation apartment in Brooklyn, about 8 minutes’ walk from the Chabad World Center (770).

    The apartment is air-conditioned and includes one bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, oven and stove, a sitting area and a bathroom. is my preferred hotel hosting provider, and they have over 1000 hotels to choose from in New York. When booking on the Booking website, there is a free cancellation option (in most rooms) and a guarantee for the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kosher Hotels in New York

There are kosher hotels in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

In the center of New York, Manhattan, there is no kosher hotel, but there are hotels suitable for kosher Observant – near kosher restaurants.

Yes. The Iroquois Hotel is a 5-minute walk from the New York Chabad House. The Thompson Central Park Hotel is also a short walk from the Chabad House.

Yes. In the Borough Park neighborhood there are two kosher hotels: the Park house hotel and the Avenue Plaza hotel.

No. There is no hotel in Manhattan that offers kosher food.

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