Walkthrough for Return to Monkey Island | Adventure Gamers (2024)

Walkthrough for the original STEAM version of Return to Monkey Island

Gameplay Features

In this game, you can control the gameplay using a computer mouse. You can also access the control layout and set text and language options in the game menu. Pressing the Esc key will bring you back to the main screen with a set of options, including the ability to set text and language options. The Tab key allows you to highlight active items in the location, while the Space key pauses the game. The "." key allows you to skip dialogue, and the "," key allows you to view missed dialogue. You can interact with objects using the left mouse button (LMB) to inspect them and the right mouse button (RMB) to take or interact with them. The game was played in hard mode.

The inventory is located in the lower left corner of the screen and can be accessed by clicking on it with the mouse. Items in the inventory can be combined by dragging one onto the other with the LMB. You can also inspect and interact with items in the inventory. The inventory also includes a "To Do List" which can be opened and viewed by clicking on it with the LMB. Completed tasks are marked with a tick in the list.

If you click on the "Achievements" option on the main screen, you can see which achievements have been earned during gameplay and what percentage has been completed towards the next achievement. At the beginning of each chapter, you will receive story achievements. You can also earn various achievements by collecting collectible cards and answering quiz questions.

As you play, you will also receive a "Book of Hints" which will be added to your inventory. This book contains hints to help you progress in the game. To save your progress, you can click on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner and select one of nine slots to save in. Any of these saves can be loaded later. The game will also create an Autosave when you exit, which can be loaded from the first slot.

Achievements that can be obtained in the game

Obtaining variousachievementsis optional and does not affect the course of the game; they are just additional bonuses from the developers.

Playing as Boybrush Threepwood

We watch the initial video, and then we enter the game.

We fool around a little, after which Chuck comes up with a brilliant idea to buy scurvy dogs.We go to the store to buy scurvy dogs.

Please make sure to note the key on the wooden leg.We click on the key with the right mouse button (RMB) to pick up the key from the toilet in your inventory.

We ask the seller about the price of grog.We notice that the seller has poor eyesight.We are interested in "About everything" from him and find out that to buy two scurvy dogs, you need to pay a coin.Chucky suggests looking for money in the toilet opposite the store.That's where we're heading.

We open the inventory, we take out the key from there, and with its help we unlock the door of the toilet, we enter there.

We note the token on the floor, and tear it off the floor.We return to the store.

Instead of money, we hand over the found token to the blind seller.We get a couple of scurvy dogs.

Again we go into the store and return the key to the toilet to its place.

Note.We get theachievement"Fulfill your toilet obligations."

We let the seller know about our actions.

We leave the store and follow to the right screen.

Meet our friend Dee.We click on the anchor.

We decide to run a race with Chuck.We click on the start line, and Dee starts the countdown.On Dee's command, double-click on the grass behind the finish line to overtake Chuck.I'm going to the pond.

We ask a married couple if we can borrow bread from them to feed the ducks.We receive a categorical refusal.

We run to the other side of the pond to be curious: what is red is on the road.We select ketchup.We open inventory.On the advice of a friend, we spread scurvy dog with ketchup.We eventaste(24) scurvy dog.

We decide to inquire about the picnic basket.The couple doesn't like the idea and starts lecturing us.While they are passionate about this activity and do not look in our direction, we grab bread from the table.

We feed the duck with the extracted bread.

We pay attention to the sign prohibiting the search for a four-leaf clover.We ignore the ban.

Press the Tabkeyto highlight the location of the "lucky" clover.

We approach the pond and use the four-leaf clover on the duck.

Note.Getthe"Share the Luck" achievement.

We go to the platform to practice fencing a little.We automatically fence, and Dee passes judgment on us that we are both weak in this matter.

After fencing, we again follow the right screen.We find a coin on the ground, and select it.

Let's take a look at the Wishing Well.We save the game.

We throw a coin into the well and make any wish from the list.Then we load the save one by one to look at the fulfillment of each desire.After that, we open thegateon the right and continue moving to the right screen to the bench on which our father, Guybrush Threepwood, is sitting.We watch the cut-scene.

Part 1- A Friendly Place

Playing as Guybrush Threepwood

Overseer's Playground

We watch a video about our meeting with the Lookout, from which we learn the latest news.

In the conversation, choose all the proposed topics.In the end, we decide to assemble our own expedition.The Lookout invites us to talk to the pirate leaders at the Scumm Bar by the docks.In the bar you need to find a long table in the back of the room.

In the inventory, open your "To Do List" for the near future.We go down to thedocks.


We stop and read the information on the poster calling for the re-election of Governor Carla.Let's remember its slogan.

Note.The slogan is random, so it's better to remember it, it will come in handy later.

We go to theScummbar.

Tavern "Scummbar”

We note a quiz book on the table in which you can collect collectible cards for the game.We examine it with LMB, then we take the book into inventory (RMB).

Note.Optional task.Throughout the game, it will be possible to collect collectible cards for this book, and then answer the quiz questions.If there are seven unanswered quiz questions at the same time, the cards will stop appearing.Cards appear randomly and can respawn in the same places.Players are invited to look for cards on their own.At the beginning of the game, several locations of these cards will be shown.

We pass through the hall and move toward the three pirates at the table.Apparently, they are exactly what we need.

We ask if they are currently pirate leaders?We build our communication with pirate leaders - Captain Trent, Captain Leela, and Captain Madison at our discretion.Regardless of how this dialogue is structured, the result will be stunning: we will have to independently deal with the fulfillment of the task set for ourselves.We will have to do without the help we originally counted on.We leave the tavern and follow to the left to walk along thepier.


We select a card with a question.We go further to the left.

We stop near the announcement of recruitment for vacant vacancies.

We approach the quartermaster, who peers at us and offers us a job.Floor polisher.

We refuse under the pretext of equipping our own expedition.

We pass to the left.We examine food supplies and grog stocks.We read the discovered ad.We return back to the docks.We pass by the tavern and follow to the right toLowerStreet.

lower street

We meet with Elaine, with whom we communicate on all proposed topics.

After Elaine leaves, we read a leaflet that says about the prevention of scurvy.

We read the inscription on the plate of the bust of the senator Karla the craftswoman.

Note.We remember the place of her heroic battle, becauseit is random.This knowledge will be useful to us soon.

We follow up the screen through the archway to the Upper Street, on which we inspect thealley(70).

We select a card with a question.We return to the tavern.

Tavern "Scummbar"

We communicate with all the pirates, whom we inform that we intend to find the Secret of Monkey Island.

Note.To get the achievement, you need to report it to 15 different characters.

At the left window we select a card with a question.

We greet Cobb, we communicate with him on all topics.Do not forget to tell him about your goal of searching for the Secret of Monkey Island.We are trying to get Cobb to tell us about Loom.

Note.We get theachievement"Make Cobb tell you aboutLoom".

We leave the tavern and again we go along the pier.


We approach the quartermaster for a conversation.

We ask for a managerial position for ourselves first.We sort through all the offered vacancies one by one.

And so, when we had already agreed to the initial position of a polisher, it turned out that we were included in the “black list”.Now we have two tasks ahead of us: to get a mop and disguise ourselves so that we are not recognized.We go down to the docks.The Curator and the Voodoo Lady walk past us.We hurry after them to Lower Street.

Mojo International House

We go to the Voodoo Lady's store, which we also inform about our decision to go in search of the Mystery of Monkey Island.

After the session, we receive a Book of Tips from the Voodoo Lady.

We decide to chat with the Voodoo lady and ask her questions that interest us.We learn from her about the Dark Magic that has captured the entire Caribbean.We ask the Voodoo Lady in detail about Dark Magic, with which, as she claims, we are not on the way.We also find out that the Voodoo lady's name is Korina.

We notice a ritual knife on the table.We buy it from the Voodoo lady.We listen to a whole lecture on the possibilities of using a ritual knife.

To the right of the ritual knife, we note an apology frog.We ask Korina in detail about her, then we decide to buy an apology frog.

We look into the camouflage basket, in which there is nothing left.We learn from the Voodoo lady a clue that the famous John Lani eye patch is stored in the museum, the magical properties of which Korina can restore.

We examine the sticky head with stuck together hair, for some reason we buy it too.

We find another card with questions, pick it up.We leave Korina's store and go to Wally's store, which is located opposite the Voodoo Lady's shop.

Shop “Maps and stuff"

We greet our old friend.We discuss with Wally all available topics.We inform him of our decision to find the Secret of Monkey Island.Wally also tells us that we can get a mop from the cook in the tavern.

Wally boasts that his business skyrocketed with the appearance of pirates with Dark Magic, and that Captain Madison pays him extra for every new symbol invented.

We press the "Tab" key and inspect all active goods in Wally's shop.

Note.We get theachievement"Closely inspect all the goods in Wally's shop."

We note in the box on the edge of the table a monocle.We grab it, as it seems to us, imperceptibly, to which Wally indifferently remarks that we take the monocle calmly.We leave the store.Through the arch we follow to Upper Street.

We are watching a video about what is happening on LeChuck's ship at this time.

upper street

We read a note on the doors of the department store, we are trying to talk with the old woman in the window.

We go to the castle on the left.

Locksmith shop

We notice the "Elegant Book" on the windowsill.This book is called "On the edge of the board" (1/5).We will need to find four more such copies in order to get the achievement.We examine the rest of the active items in the shop.

From the box on the left we take a card with a question.We ask about the keys and locks on the windows.

Then we talk in detail with the Key of Nice.First, we also inform her of our desire to find the Secret of Monkey Island.We ask her questions from the proposed list.We learn that the Key of Nice can make any key, knowing only its serial number, which can be seen engraved on the lock.This engraving is made very small and can only be seen with the help of special tools.We leave the shop and go into the prison, located opposite the store.


In the cells we find our old acquaintances - Otis and Stan.

We speak with Otis on all the proposed topics.We inform him of our desire to find the Secret of Monkey Island.

We take a card with a question from the wall.

We read important information about prison rules.

Open inventory, then - "Book with questions."We find a card about the first rule of the prison, we answer it.

We decide to first take a look at the lock of the prison cell.Then we study it with the help of a monocle.Automatically record the serial number of the prison lock.We communicate with Stan on all proposed topics.Do not forget to tell him about your desire to find the Secret of Monkey Island.We leave the prison and go into the shop Key of Nice.

Locksmith shop

We take out a piece of paper with a written serial number from the inventory and ask the Key of Nice to make a key by number.We get a ready key and return to Otis' prison cell.


With the key made, we unlock the door of Otis's cell.

Note.We get theachievement"Free Otis".

We leave the prison and move through the arch along the path to the left screen until we reachthe governor's mansion.We go into it.

Governor's Mansion

We meet Karla fully armed.During fencing, we discuss with her all available topics.Do not forget to inform Carla that we are going to find the Mystery of Monkey Island.

We examine the books on the shelf on the left.We fix for ourselves that Karla has a cookbook, as well as a copy of the book "On the edge of the board" (2/5).

We pay attention to the plush toy on the chair on the right, we pick it up.We leave the mansion and leave the city in aroundabout way.

After that, we get an interactive map of the island.We move along it to the shipyard.


We select a card with a question.You can answer it right away.

We note some strange mass, we study it.We take the sponge into inventory.On the map we move to the docks and go into the tavern.

Tavern "Scummbar"

We move to the end of the hall.We pass by the pirate leaders sitting at the table, we go into thekitchen.

We talk with a familiar chef on all available topics.We also inform him about our desire to find the Secret of Monkey Island.We touch on the issue of the mop and listen to a whole lecture about it.From the lecture we listened to, we learn the main thing: they will not sell us a mop.It must be made independently from a special mop tree.

After clarifying all the questions, we open the door on the right and take the old rope from the walkways.

We leave the tavern and select a card with a question from the ground.We go to Lower Street and go to Wally's store.

Shop “Maps and stuff"

We speak with Wally, we ask him for a map on which you can find a mop tree.In response, Wally says that he can only make such a map if we show him at least a chip of the right wood.

We take another monocle from the box, especially since Wally does not mind.We return to the tavern.

Tavern "Scummbar"

We speak with a neat-looking pirate who takes us for a waiter and asks us to rush the cook to prepare a special dish.We go into the kitchen and talk to the chef.

The cook is at a loss because he does not know what kind of dish to prepare for an important guest in the hall.We promise to bring the chef the right recipe.We go to the governor's mansion.

Governor's Mansion

We find Barbie Lefley's Ingredients cookbook on the bookshelf.We ask Carla for permission to pick up the cookbook, to which the governor's wife replies with a categorical refusal due to the fact that we did not return the previous book to her.The usual apology to Carla is not enough.We decide to write an apology on an apology frog.

Note.In easy mode, just give Carla the sorry frog.

We will have to try to compose the right apology.Open inventory, use the handle on the sorry frog.

We recall the information about Karl that we managed to find out.I offer my version of the letter as an example.

- Dear Carla.

- I'm sorry I lost the book I borrowed.

- I understand that you are brutal to brutality (insert your random version of Carla's motto).

- This is confirmed by your exploits on Santa Catalina (insert your random version from thebust plate).

- Please, accept my most sincere apologies (we write automatically).

- I promise it won't happen again.

We give Carla a signed apology frog.The governor's wife is reading the lines we have written.

With a properly crafted excuse, Carla accepts our apology.

We approach the bookshelf, we find a cookbook, once again we ask permission to take it.This time Carla allows us to do it.We take the book from the shelf.Let's hurry to the tavern.

Tavern “Scummbar"

We go into the kitchen, hand over the cookbook to the cook.The delighted cook decides to cook all the dishes from this book.

We take a ritual knife in the inventory and use it to extract a chip from the handle of the mop.Then we can’t stand it and under the guise we decide to dump it along with the mop.We are unable to do this.

Note.We get theachievement"Try to steal the cook's mop."

We hurry to Lower Street and go to Wally's store.

Shop “Maps and stuff"

We give the extracted chip to Wally.Ten minutes later we get a map to the mop tree.

We unfold the resulting map and understand that we need to go to the forest.On the interactive map we move to the forest.

At the museum

First we turn right.We don't go to the museum.We select a cardfrom the ground.Let's answer the question.We return to the sign at the edge of the dark forest.

Path through the forest

We go deep into the forest.

We examine the carnivorous plant.Using a ritual knife, we take a sample of the plant.

Note.The path to the mop tree through the forest is random, i.e.each player will have an individual path.In easy mode, you can simply go through the drawn map.In hard mode, you will have to concentrate and walk through the forest carefully on your personal map.

Open the map and see which landmark is indicated on the map.We see flowers, we follow in their direction.

From the flowers we go in the direction of the mushrooms, leaving behind a carnivorous plant.

We move to the right to the carnivorous plant, leaving the mushrooms behind.

We move into the right passage to the flowers, leaving behind a carnivorous plant.

We go into the left passage to the carnivorous plant, leaving the flowers behind.

We move into the left passage to the flowers, leaving behind a carnivorous plant.

We arrive at the designated place, we find a mop tree in the clearing.

We decide to cut off a branch from the mop tree with the help of a ritual knife.After a while, we get a mop handle.We look at the impressive result of our work.

We leave the forest in a short way.Many hours later we reach a clearing at the edge of the forest.We go to the museum.

Pirate Lore Museum

Meet the curator of the museum Konrad.He is also the editor of the Pirate Herald.We get a business card from Conrad.We examine all active objects in the room.We learn a lot about ourselves.

We stop our eyes on the plate attached to the display case.We read the information on it.

We decide to talk to the curator of the museum.We inform him of our intention to find the Secret of Monkey Island, ask the remaining questions.

We study the display lock, then examine it with a monocle.The numbers are so small that they cannot be seen even when magnified.

In inventory combine the monocles with each other.With a double monocle we examine the display lock, write down its serial number.

We go into the pantry, pick up a bag of cracker mixture from the shelf.

Note.In easy mode, the pantry will be closed, and there will be no need to pick up the cracker mixture.At our request, Key Nice will give the crackers without replacing them.

We leave the museum and leave the forest.On the map we move to Upper Street.We go to the castle shop.

Locksmith shop

We show the Key to Nice written serial number on a piece of paper, and ask her to make a key for us.We get the key.

We offer Nice Key cracker mix.We pick up crackers from the counter.We return to the museum.

Pirate Lore Museum

We feed the parrot with ready-made crackers.

While the parrot is busy with treats, use the ready-made key on the display lock.

We are watching a video insert about the events in the governor's mansion.

After stealing the eye patch from the museum showcase, we automatically leave it.On the map we move to Lower Street.We go to the voodoo lady shop.

Mojo International House

We give Korina a bandage for magical recharge.We give her an additional ingredient in the form of a sample of a carnivorous plant for magical recharging.

Note.In easy mode, no additional ingredient is needed to magically recharge the Camouflage Bandage.

The voodoo lady performs the appropriate ritual, as a result of which we get a recharged eye patch.We leave the store and go outside.

In one of the dark corners, we notice the former pirate leaders and communicate with them on all available topics.

Note.You can meet random pirate leaders only if you have the "Author's version: more words - less actions" option enabled.

After meeting with the pirates, we hurry to the pier.


We pass by the quartermaster to the left, we hide behind the boxes.We save the game.We make a personal mop.In the inventory, you can attach to the mop handle:

- sponge;

- a soft toy;

- rope;

- dried head.

After making the mop, we put on a charmed bandage.Now you can go and get hired.To get the achievement, you need to hire a ship with all four attachments.To do this, we make a personal mop, show it to the quartermaster and go on board the ship.When we find ourselves in the hold during the briefing (we don’t ask questions), but load the save behind the boxes.We make a new mop with a different nozzle and so four times.

Note.Obtaining theachievement"Employed with all the mop heads"

We approach the quartermaster.We ask her about work.We present the finished mop.All our work.We follow the quartermaster to Le Chuck's ship.

We are watching a video insert about the events in the Scumm Bar tavern.

Part 2- A Dangerous Journey

Ship Hold

We watch a video in which we are instructed about our duties.

We are trying to ask Gullet questions that interest us.We get shocking answers.

We find the quartermaster's leaflet, take it with us.We read the information in the leaflet.

We examine the hold box with a cross on its side.We move the lid and find inside an old friend.We speak with Murray, we learn important information from him.

We take up the mop and wipe off the chicken fat from the floor, which our “leader” regularly supplies to us from above.Periodically dip the mop into the fat and spread it all over the hold.

See the screenshot for cleaning places in the hold.

Note.We get theachievement"Wipe the hold twenty times."

We take a knife and try to unscrew the screw from the porthole.We conclude that the screws are screwed very tightly.

We dip the mop in chicken fat and alternately coat the three screws on the porthole.Then we use the knife three times on the greasy screws, unscrew them.

We find food for ghostly birds, we take it.We feed the ghost chicken in the upper right corner of the screen.

We are trying to squeeze through the open porthole, but we are not succeeding.We dip the mop three times in chicken fat to wipe the porthole frame with it three times.After that, we squeeze through the porthole out.

At the bottom

To get the achievement, move to the left.

Before you go down the stairs and check out the steering wheel,save thegame.We get down and look at the steering wheel.Then we gain patience and just wait for the timer in the upper right corner to first start for 8 minutes of real time, then for 6 and 4 minutes.

Note.Getthe"Die for real" achievement.

We read the consequences of such a reckless act.Loading the game from the last save.

Upper deck

Now move all the way to the right screen.We climb aboard on a rope ladder.We approach the crowd of pirates who have gathered near the boiler, led by LeChuck.We listen to the speech of the leader.

We are looking at the team, which reacts differently to LeChuck's message that the potion is almost ready.Chef Putra states that only a flattened skull is needed to make the potion.LeChuck gives us an assignment: to get a flattened skull as soon as possible.We are trying to take theskullfrom the hanging ghostly Bob for a while.

Lower deck

We go down into the ship.We interact with the washing machine, which falls apart at the mere touch of it.We go to the left.Near the hold we meet Gallet, who sends us back to the hold with one throw.

ship hold

We speak with Murray.We send it to inventory - by force or we promise Murray to place it closer to LeChuck.We get on board the ship in the same way.We go inside the ship.

Lower deck

With the help of screws from the porthole, we fix the washing machine.We put Murray in the repaired washing machine to get a flattened skull out of it.

LeChuck's cabin

We go into LeChuck’s cabin to takea card with aquiz question.We leave the captain's cabin and go up to theupper deck.

Upper deck

We approach the boiler and throw a flattened Murray into it.Let's watch the video.After receiving a new task from LeChuck, we inspect the cauldron and calm the Iron Rose.We promise her that we will find a new way to get to Monkey Island.

Viewpoint "Crow's Nest"

We follow to the right, we climb into the "Crow's Nest".On the fence of the observation deck we finda card with aquiz question.

We look into the eyepiece of a luxurious pipe.We click on the arrow to the right until we see the crew of the ship that follows us.Let's watch the video.It turns out that the rivals also lack the last ingredient for the finished potion - noflattenedskull.

We communicate with Flambe, share our luxurious idea with him.The demon does not even want to listen to us, so we go down to the upper deck.

Upper deck

We approach the Iron Rose and tell her about our plan.During our story, the entire crew of the ship is pulled up to the boiler.We are surprised to learn that the team is not at all eager to sail to Monkey Island, because for the pirates there is nothing interesting there, except for the Mystery.

The Quartermaster holds a vote which shows that everyone but us is against the idea.

When the team disperses to its places, we try to talk with Iron Rose and find out why she personally voted for such a decision.

As a result of the conversation, it turns out that Iron Rose has a crisis of faith in LeChuck.

We speak with Hanging Bob.We ask the hanging ghost what we can interest him in.It turns out that Bob is just bored hanging upside down all day.

Viewpoint "Crow's Nest"

We climb into the "Crow's Nest" and talk with Flambe.

The demon is enthusiastically reading a book of afterlife jokes.We learn that Flambe loves to sleep and eat deliciously, but Putra does not cook his favorite dish "Scorched Alaska" spicy enough.We go down to the upper deck and go inside the ship.

Lower deck

We communicate on all available topics with Flair Glory.

We find out that Flair is saddened by the loss of a family heirloom.Her grandmother's whaling knife was lost.Flair promises that if she gets this knife back, she will vote for our proposal.Her knife can be found in Gullet's back.

You can hold up two cards with quiz questions.We finish the conversation with Flair and go to the ship's kitchen on the left.


We examine all active objects in the kitchen.

Notice the empty list.We ask the mistress of the galley about her.We talk with Putra on all the proposed topics.We ask her if the cook tried to get the promotion that she so passionately dreams of.We ask Putra about Gallet in detail.We learn that the cook is anxiously listening to the opinion of the Iron Rose.Putra always votes the same as the quartermaster.

We take away from the table a request for a raise.Exit the kitchen and follow to the right.

LeChuck's cabin

We go into LeChuck’s cabin twice.On the second visit, we show LeChuck Putra's petition, but the captain refuses to sign it.

We receive an order from LeChuck to fill out the floor polisher's report.After filling out the report, it must be signed by the Iron Rose.We leave LeChuck's cabin.We save the game.

Lower deck

Use the ghost rat report form (1/8).We go down into the hold.

ship hold

We use the report form for greasy spots (2/8) on the floor.We also use the report form for chicken manure (3/8).Three points have already been filled in our report, and five points need to be filled in.

Note.To obtain an achievement, you need to find eight shortcomings that must be included in the report.After the found three shortcomings, without saving the game, load the previous save.

We are going to re-fill the full report.

We enter in the report fat spots on the porthole (4/8).We go up to the kitchen.


We use the report form for any mess (5/8) in the kitchen, because the report will indicate the mess in the entire room.We rise to the upper deck.

Upper deck

We add greasy spots (6/8) on the deck and empty boxes (7/8) from under the ingredients to the report.We climb over the board and move to the left screen.

At the bottom

We go down to the steering wheel.We find Gullet hanging on it.We communicate with him.Then we pull out of it the knife that Flair spoke about.We use a report on Gullet to fix the disorder (8/8) and return to the upper deck.

Upper deck

We give the Iron Rose a ready report.

Note.We get theachievement"Record all the unrest on the ship in the" Report of the first polisher ".

Rosa signs our report and gives us a bunch of papers for LeChuck to sign.In the inventory we put Putra's petition in a pile of papers for LeChuck's signature.We go inside the ship and go into LeChuck’s cabin.

LeChuck's cabin

We give LeChuck papers to sign and leave the cabin.

Lower deck

Give Flair the whaling knife.We get her consent to vote for our proposal.We go to the kitchen.


We hand over to Putra her petition, certified by LeChuck's seal.

We speak with Putra.We ask her if she can cook the Scorched Alaska dessert.After a while, we take the cooked dish from the table.We leave the kitchen and go up to the upper deck.

Upper deck

Using your knife, cut off the top of the hot fuse near the gun.In inventory, combine "Scorched Alaska" with a hot fuse to increase the heat level of the dessert.We open the inventory and convince ourselves four times to try the demonic dessert.

Note.Getthe "Bite Scorched Alaska"achievement .

We rise to the observation deck.

Viewpoint "Crow's Nest"

We offer Flambe his favorite dish.The satisfied demon agrees to vote for our proposal.With the permission of Flambe, we take away his book of jokes and go down to the deck.

We give Hanging Bob a book of jokes.In return, Bob promises to cast his vote for our proposal.

We head all the way to the left.Behind the boxes we find inactive shackles.We place a double monocle on them and automatically write down the serial number on the shackle lock.We turn around and approach the Iron Rose.

We offer the quartermaster an inspiring leaflet, which we took in the hold.Rosa re-reads the text of the leaflet written by her and is inspired.Now the quartermaster is once again full of faith in her captain.

We rise to the captain's bridge on the right, read the announcement and call the roundup once, calling the team to vote.We watch a short cut-scene about the meeting.This time all participants of the meeting voted for our proposal.Now we need to lure LeChuck out of his cabin.We rise to the bridge and quickly call the roundup twice.LeChuck comes down to the team to express his displeasure.As soon as control passes to us again, we enter the ship and the captain's cabin.

LeChuck's cabin

We approach the table on which lies the map of Monkey Island.

We take the map in the inventory, which shows the path to the mop tree, and change it to the map of LeChuck.We leave the cabin and go up to the upper deck.

Upper deck

We approach the cannon, charge it with Murray and shoot.We watch the cut-scene.In honor of the approach to the island, LeChuck allows the team to give an additional portion of grog, which leads to unpredictable consequences.

Part 3- Return To Monkey Island

Under the water

We are underwater.The countdown timer reappears.

We read the sign and find out that Monkey Island can be reached on foot in six minutes.That's how we do it.Along the way, you can pick up a card with a quiz question.We move to the right screen until we reach the shore of Monkey Island.

Sea beach

We move to the left, we select the skull (1/7) from the ground.

We approach the tree with a heart carved on it.We reflect on it until we understand whose initials are carved on the bark of a tree.Angrily kick the tree five times.

Note.We get theachievement"Get to the bottom of the problem."

I'm going to the jungle.

We go to the interactive map of Monkey Island.On the map we move to the crash site.

Crash site

We select the skull from the ground (2/7).We follow to the right, we read the plate.We examine the crash site of our former ship "Sea Monkey".We go into the jungle, go out to the map, on which we move to the place of a huge monkey head.

Giant Monkey Head

We pass into the right screen, select the skull (3/7).We continue to move to the right.We eavesdrop on the conversation of three leaders who are arguing about a subject that is incomprehensible to us.We draw attention to the fact that Murray is hanging on the stakes, but we still cannot get to him.Let's go to the jungle.On the map we move to the northern mountains.

On the rocks

We find another skull (4/7), select it.We leave the map and move to the volcanic beach.

Volcanic beach

Under the palm trees on the left we find the skull (5/7), we select it.We return to the jungle.On the map we move to the place where a bush with a red berry grows.

The path on the map of LeChuck

From the bush with red berries we follow in the direction of the big hand and decide to explore the area behind it.

Our next target on the map is a carved wooden chicken.We pass to the right past the beehive and the pointer.

Where a cross is drawn on the map, we find a free shovel.We examine it, then nevertheless we decide to take it.We fall into a prepared trap, about which we watch a video insert.We are trying to appeal to the minds of the three leaders.We find out that Captain Madison intercepted the real card.The card we took from LeChuck's table was a trap for the captain, which we instead fell into in pursuit of the Mystery.

The captains are frank with us.We learn that in order to decipher a real card, you need to know three things: LeChuck's musical theme, his signature phrase and eat the captain's favorite dish.After a long conversation, we are promised to divide the Mystery into four if we find out personal information about LeChuck.We go out on the map and decide to listen to what else the new leaders of the pirates are talking about.

Giant Monkey Head

We go to the right.

We stand near the fence and listen to how and when we should be betrayed.We decide to get ahead of them.We go into the jungle and move along the map to the volcanic beach.

Volcanic beach

We return to the ship LeChuck.We go into the water.

On the seabed

We go to the left along the seabed.Watch the timer at the top right.

We find and pick up another skull (6/7).We turn around, approach the anchor.We climb up the anchor chain.

We move to the left along the side.We go down into the water to the steering wheel.We speak with Gullet, who continues to hang on the steering wheel.We notice that, as we approach, Gullet is hiding something on her chest.

We are talking to our former boss.At our choice, we give him rhymes for his poems.We ask Gullet to show us his poems.

We present to Gullet the business card of the curator of the museum.We get a notebook with poems.We get back to the surface.

We move to the right to the anchor chain, along which we descend into the ocean.We go to the right, get out on the shore.On the map we move to a huge monkey head.

Giant Monkey Head

We approach the fence.We decide to talk to the pirate leaders.We share our concern that the crew on LeChuck's ship might recognize us.

Leela states that she has a good spell to disguise herself.We give Lily a notebook with Gallet's poems.Watching Leela cast a spell.

We get a magic camouflage notebook with instructions.For masking, we will need to read the first verse, and for unmasking - the second.

We pass to the right.We speak with Murray, who will be one of our skulls (7/7).We select the humerus from the ground.

We watch a video insert about the expedition of LeChuck, who realized that his map was fake.

We go out into the jungle and on the map we move to LeChuck's ship.

LeChuck's ship

We stand in front of the rope ladder, along which you need to climb aboard the ship.Open inventory and read the first verse to disguise yourself as Gallet.After turning into Gallet, we climb aboard the ship.

Upper deck

Upstairs we meet with Flair, who leaves us on duty instead of herself.We decide to ask Hanging Bob about LeChuck's secrets, but he can't help us with anything.We go inside the ship and go into LeChuck's cabin.

LeChuck's cabin

We take LeChuck's diary from the shelf, read it in inventory.

We pay attention to the recorded remark from April 10, which says that LeChuck decided to return to his catchphrase from the 17th.We leaf through the diary, we reach February 17 and fix for ourselves the phrase “Shake me with thunder” (randomly).We leave the captain's cabin and go into the kitchen.


We communicate with Putra.

- Make me dish, as you have LeChuck.

- You're cooking for LeChuck.What is his favorite dish?

- You are the best chef I know.

- LeChuck's favorite dish.

We find out that the captain's favorite dish is "Tentacle with chamomile sauce."

- Can you cook me a tentacle with chamomile sauce?

At the moment, the tentacle itself is missing from the kitchen.

- Lan, it's time for me to work.

We leave the kitchen, go down the anchor chain into the ocean and go to the shore of a volcanic beach.

Volcanic beach

On the shore we find a dead squid.With the help of a ritual knife, we cut off the tentacle and return to the kitchen.


We offer Putra a cut tentacle and ask her to cook it for us with chamomile sauce.After a while, we take the finished dish from the table.We leave the kitchen.

Lower deck

We communicate with Flair Gorey, who does not even want to talk to us.We go out to the upper deck, climb the captain's bridge and ring the rynda once.When everyone gathers on the deck, we again go inside the ship.

First, we inspect, and then we take the finished piece of music from the barrel.We leave the ship.On the map we move to a huge monkey head.

Giant Monkey Head

We communicate with pirate leaders, to whom we inform about our readiness.Leela suggests that we play the theme music.

Open inventory, examine notes.We have to play only five notes: do-do-mi-sol-fa-fa-re.In the inventory, we knock on each skull with a humerus and listen to what musical sound the struck skull makes.We knock with a bone and on Murray, who publishes the note "F".

We seat the corresponding skulls on the stakes.We knock on them with the shoulder bone.A correctly struck skull begins to vibrate.In case of an error, everything is silent and you will have to start the procedure for losing the melody from the beginning.We look at the finished solution in the screenshot.The skulls begin to sound in unison.Captain Leela begins the ritual of conducting black magic.

When Lila demands to tell her LeChuck's catchphrase, then from the proposed phrases we choose such ones in order to get the replica "Shake me with thunder."

We fulfill the last requirement of Captain Leela and bite off part of LeChuck's favorite dish.We watch the cut-scene.

Somewhere in the jungle

After Elaine leaves the clearing, we pick up Murray and instructions for repairing ships.

In the inventory we look at the secret map and find that we know the place where the Mystery is stored.

On the map we move to a huge monkey head.We remove all the skulls from the stakes and return to the shipwreck.

Shipwreck site

To repair the ship, use the instructions for repairing ships on it.Let's watch the video.

Note.We get theachievement" Hang the " Sea MonkeyII" with creepy skulls.

Part 4- Things Get Complicated

Melee Island

We arrive at the port of the island of Melee, and Elaine immediately disappears to help those who suffered from the earthquake.We admire our ship, which is decorated with seven skulls for intimidation.

We take a step to the left.We read the information on the poster.We go to the right.We communicate with the cook and the pirate.

We are watching a video about the sea meeting of two pirate ships and their epic battle.

We follow to Lower Street, we go into theshopof the Voodoo Lady.

Mojo International House

We automatically communicate with Korina.We ask her questions that interest us and go out into the street.

lower street

There, the lady we saw in the window opposite the locksmith's shop is already waiting for us.

Meet Weidy Bones, the owner of one of the golden keys.The old woman shares with us information about the five golden keys to the safe in which the Mystery of Monkey Island is hidden.

We carefully listen to the information about where and who has the Golden Keys.We continue to ask Weidi Bones questions from the proposed list.After the old woman leaves, we decide that we just need to get a good map of the sea surroundings.We go to Wally's store.

Shop “Maps and stuff"

We speak with Wally, we ask him to make a map of the sea surroundings for us so that the islands of Brr-mud and Horror are marked on it.We receive the ordered card and exit the store.Let's go to Upper Street.We go to the fish shop.

Fish shop "Shaking cod"

We communicate with former pirate leaders who have already retired.

We pay attention to the yellow fish, which lies in a puddle of water.We examine in the shop all the active items.

We notice a red flag with a fish skeleton instead of a coat of arms.We find out that this is the real flag of Bella Fisher, but they refuse to sell it to us.We ask the fishermen to tell us more about Bella Fisher.

Our attention is drawn to a copy of the book "On the edge of the board" (3/5).We click on the red flag again, and the fisherman lets slip about the existence of a semi-secret society of anglers "Snasti".Immediately we are interested in how we can join this most semi-secret society.To join it, you must definitely tell the right fishing story.

Nevertheless, we are accepted into a semi-secret society and given its badge.Now we need to find other members of the Tackle society in order to get advice from them.

Note the puffer fish.We are wondering if it is for sale.Alas, this fish can only be won.We enter the competition and lose it.We buy a box of fish of our choice from the seller.We leave the fish shop and head to the lock shop.

Locksmith shop

We take out from the inventory a piece of paper with the serial number of the shackles from LeChuck's ship and ask the Key of Nice to make us a key.We get the key and note the bait to the left of the portrait.We show the Key of Nice our sign of a member of the society.We begin to tell the castle keeper our story.

We get good advice from her on how to start your story correctly.

We speak with the Key of Nice further, we ask about the key of her mother.We receive a court order stating that the key has been destroyed.We leave the shop The Key of Nice, we run into the fish shop.

Fish shop "Shaking cod"

We notice that one krugloper is trying to escape without attracting attention.To get the achievement, you need to periodically go to the fish shop until the fish is on the street.

Note.We get theachievement"Let the round-operator escape."

We leave the shop and head to the governor's mansion.

Outside the governor's mansion

We notice a crowd of people on the street.We ask the beholder what the people are waiting for.It turns out that everyone is lined up to receive compensation for the earthquake.

We decide to join the queue too.We patiently stand in line for three minutes of real time.

Note.Getthe achievement"Wait patiently to meet Carla"

After receiving the achievement, we go into the governor's mansion, ignoring the indignant exclamations of the townspeople.

Governor's Mansion

Elaine runs out to meet us, who again hurries somewhere about her business.We speak with Carla: "Did you see all those people outside?".We find out that Karla knows about this queue, but there is no money in the treasury to pay compensation.Instead of money, Carla hands out IOUs.

We ask Carla for an IOU for ourselves.As an argument, we put forward the version of the restoration of local business on the island.

In a fit of nobility, we open the inventory and offer our pocket money to Carla.

Note.We get theachievement"Offer a donation to the Earthquake Recovery Fund."

We leave the mansion and move on the map to the shipyard.


The earthquake destroyed Stan's office.We take away from the table half of the portrait depicting Stan and his toothbrush.On the map we go to the museum, we go into it.

Pirate Lore Museum

We speak with the curator.Then we take out Gullet's notebook with poems from the inventory and ask them to be printed.

Note.We get theachievement"Provide Gullet a favor."

We pay attention to the banner of the flag behind the glass of the showcase.We ask the curator to tell us about this exhibit.Conrad claims that this is a genuine Bella Fisher banner.We decide to steal, especially since the key to the display case and crackers for the parrot are still in our inventory.

We take out crackers and alternately treat them to both parrots.

While the birds are busy with treats, we open the showcase with the key, take the flag and automatically leave the museum.On the map we move to the point of the beholder.

Lookout's post

We show the pirate our bait.We listen to her opinion about her work as a storyteller.The pirate advises also to find other members of society who will help us improve our storytelling experience.

While the Lookout is standing in line, we decide to take some firewood with us.We go down to the docks.

By the burnt tavern

We speak with a pirate.We inform her that we are going to find the Secret of Monkey Island.

Note.If the pirate turns out to be the last character to whom we inform about our decision, then we get theachievement"Tell everyone in the Rêzna that you are looking for a Secret."

We open the inventory, examine the stolen flag with disappointment and learn that this flag is just a fake.We go to Upper Street and go into the prison.


In Stan's cell we find Otis.

We read the prison rules, in which the second prohibition appeared: "No earthquakes."

We communicate with Otis on all available topics, find out the fate of Stan.We leave the prison and go to the fish shop.

Fish shop "Shaking cod"

We are trying to talk to the pirates as members of society, but we have not yet reached the required level, so we are denied a conversation.Out of the corner of our eye, we notice that the persistent krugloper continues its slow escape (in the event that it has not yet fled).We leave the shop and follow to the pier.


We click on our ship and decide to go to Scurvy Island.

We watch a video about the adventures of LeChuck and pirate leaders.

Scurvy Island

Coastal beach

We go to the left, we read the information on the sign.We go deep into the island.On the map we move to the camp.


We take half of the portrait from the table.Only Elaine's picture remained in the frame.We read a note that says exactly where Elaine is at the moment.

Note.This indication is random, i.e.it's different in every game.

We go out onto the path and go to that lime grove, the coordinates of which are indicated in the note.

lime grove

We meet with Elaine, we communicate with her on all available topics.

We ask about your portrait.We learn that for some reason a seagull took him to one of the lime groves.We ask permission to take limes, we automatically take them into inventory.

We receive from Elaine one of her leaflets, we promise to help with the project as soon as possible.

We show Elaine our bait.We tell our wife our story.We receive advice from Elaine to improve the story.We leave the map and follow the lime grove, which depicts a seagull.

We find our portrait in the bird's nest, but the seagull does not give us the opportunity to approach it.

Note.In easy mode, you can pick up your portrait immediately.

We leave the grove and return to the beach.

coastal beach

We return to the coastal beach and board our ship.

We move the cursor up on the map to go further and head for Brr Muda.

On the approach to the island, immediately after the 19th parallel, our ship is met by an incorruptible and stern Judge, who requires us to present limes to him.We do this automatically (provided that they are already in our inventory).

We receive a customs form to fill out.You don't have to fill in anything other than your signature.The judge checks the completed form and allows us to proceed further, which we do.

We sail towards the island.


We land on the ice island and go to the left.Near the entrance we read the sign.We go into the courthouse, in which we are met by the same stern Judge.

We notice in the picture on the right in the queen's crown one of the golden keys.We approach the Judge, which causes him righteous anger.

- I apologize.May I come to you, Your Honor?

- I am not guilty.

All charges dropped due to lack of evidence.

“I have no questions for the court, Your Honor.

After Judge Plank announces the closing of the meeting, we present to him for consideration a copy of the will that the Key of Nice gave us.

The judge immediately considers our petition, and we receive the Golden Key (1/5).We leave the courthouse with a feeling of deep satisfaction.We go up the path to thecenterof the island.

We are heading along the map to the Ice Quarry.

We approach the guard and show him our bait.We tell the guard our tale.

The guard gives us his advice, which we carefully listen to in order to make changes to our story.

Unexpectedly, the guard gives us advice to talk to Hanging Bob.We approach the gate and try to enter the Ice Pit, but we are stopped.

We ask the guard for permission to enter the Ice Quarry.We explain that the purpose of our visit is friendly and we want to visit Stan.The guard can allow us to meet only if we prove our friendship with the prisoner.A joint photo will suit him quite well.We don’t have such a picture now, so we leave this location to the center of the island.

On the map we move to the Ice Castle.We enter it.

ice castle

We move along the ice path to the very top.

We draw attention to the copy of the book "On the edge of the board" (4/5).

We pick up a box of matches, which lies next to the firewood.

Note.If we took firewood from the Watcher's platform, then this firewood will no longer be active.Otherwise, firewood can be taken away.

Climb up the stairs to talk to the Ice Queen.

It turns out that only the Queen can touch the crown.Anyone can become the queen of the island if they win the ruling royal person in three competitions: gluttony, seriousness and intelligence.We ask the Queen to tell us in more detail about each competition.

Note.If you do not challenge the Queen to the competition, then it will not be possible to get into the town hall, because.it will be closed.

Challenge the Queen to a competition of seriousness.We are in the town hall.

town hall

The Queen explains that the triangular gong must be struck to challenge the match.We strike the gong and lose our first match.We decide that we need to prepare more seriously for the competition.

We go into the room to the left of the portrait.

We read the sign and find out which fish will participate in the Gluttony Contest.

Note.In each game, the fish is chosen randomly, i.e.in random order.Therefore, in the fish shop you will need to buy suitable fish.

We look into an empty bucket smelling of fish.We leave into the main hall and go up the stairs to the mezzanine to the right of the portrait.

We check the extractor.We put firewood in the fireplace, set it on fire with matches.

We call triangle.The Queen and the Judge appear in the hall, we listen to his instructions.

The referee leaves for 20 seconds, leaving the Queen and me alone.First, we look at her leaf, when the Queen turns her head towards the dripping water.When the Queen is again distracted by the sound of dripping water, quickly change the leaves.

Note.If we did not have time to change the leaves during the first competition, then we return to the mezzanine, call the triangle again and wait for the Queen to be distracted in order to change the leaves.

The Judge who appears is forced to recognize our victory over the Queen.We leave the town hall and go up to ourship.We return to the island of Melee.

Melee Island

We moor and go to Lower Street.We decide to visit Voodoo Lady.We go to the voodoo shop.

Mojo International House

Let's take a look at the destruction.We conclude that this is the work of LeChuck.We leave the store and head to Wally's shop.

Shop “Maps and stuff"

We find the same rout in Wally's store.The cartographer himself is also nowhere to be seen.We leave the store and follow to the tavern.

At the tavern

We take out from the inventory an IOU for the restoration of the local business, which we begged from Carla, and show it to the crying cook.He immediately stops sobbing and embarks on future dreams.We take the cookbook.

We look closely at the drink that the pirate drinks.Let's ask her about it.We pick up a mug with a drink and VERY FAST move to the fish shop.

Fish shop "Shaking cod"

Open inventory, take a refreshing sip.We invite fishermen to compete in belching.

Choose the longest burp.We win and take the pufferfish as a prize.

Note.After we have a mug of fizzy drink in our inventory, we need to run to the shop as soon as possible so that the gas does not have time to dissolve in the mug.If this happened, then we return to the pirate and take another mug of drink.

We leave the shop and head to the governor's mansion.

Governor's Mansion

We go into the mansion and return the cookbook to Carla.We approach the bookshelf and decide to borrow a book called "The Endless Tale of a Journey That Never Ends."This time Carla doesn't mind.We leave the mansion and hurry to the museum.

Pirate Lore Museum

We approach the window and notice in it a copy of the flag of Bella Fisher.We comment on the presence of a fake in the museum.We learn from the curator that the curator locked the original flag in the pantry.

We decide to go crazy.We are trying to open the window.Guard parrots raise the alarm.The curator opens the closet and begins to roll up the copy of the flag.We seize the moment and go to the warehouse behind the back of the curator.

On the shelf we find the original flag of Bella Fisher.We decide to steal it.Automatically put a fake from the inventory in place of the original.I'm going to the exit.We watch a video insert about the cook and Elaine.

We are going to the pier to raise thesails.

We go out to sea and decide to anchor next to LeChuck’s ship.

LeChuck's ship

Upper deck

We click on the ship to find out if there is anyone on the ship.Let's get on board the ship.We decide to chat with Hanging Bob, who wisely says that we are not his enemy.

We ask Bob if he has read the book and if we can pick it up.We offer the hanging ghost a book that we borrowed from Carla in return.

Swapping books with Bob.Then we show him our bait and tell Bob our story.

We listen to Bob's advice.Then we go inside the ship.We go to the kitchen.


There is no putra, so we decide to assign a pepper pot filled with devil's pepper.We return to our ship.

We decide to sail to Scurvy Island.

Scurvy Island

We moor and hurry to the lime grove, in which there is an aggressive seagull.

Open the inventory and sprinkle the fish with devil's pepper (the fish can be any).Then we treat an ill-mannered bird with this fish.

When the indignant seagull flies away, we take our portrait from its nest.

We open inventory.Move Stan's portrait to the frame.We take out the portrait of our beloved Elaine from the frame and insert our own portrait in this place.We hasten to the lime grove in which Elaine is located.

To Elaine's question about whether we have a mop, with the most honest look, we answer that we do not have it.

We are discussing with my wife the question of attracting a good marketer, Stan, to our problem.Elaine enthusiastically agrees to our proposal.

We hasten to our ship and return to the island of Melee.

Melee Island

We moor to the island and hurry to Upper Street.

Fish shop "Shaking cod"

We approach the former pirate leader.We ask him to replace our fish with another one.We take the box of the fish that will participate in the Contest of gluttony.We are approaching two fishermen with whom we competed in belching.We show one of them our bait.We tell our story (one of the options):

“I just broke through a barricade as dense and life-threatening as Scumm's Crab Soup;

- And then suddenly my ship was swallowed by a huge whale colossus, a real devourer of bait and a thunderstorm of gear, such as the ocean has never seen before;

- Inside everything was like soft cheese, with rivers of pea soup that stank like a box of land rat bait;

- One wrong move and you're dead: the floor was covered in thick sputum, as nasty as yesterday's fermented pancake dough;

- Then we put an umbrella in the beast's mouth and caught it from the inside

Our tale impressed the fishermen so much that they solemnly declare us the Grand Master of the Tackle.

Note.We get theachievement"Become a valuable tackle."

We leave the shop, sit down on our ship.

Brr Muda Island

We leave for the island of Brr-Muda and head to the Ice Quarry.

We present to the guard a frame with Stan's portraits and our portrait.

We get permission and go to the Ice Quarry.

ice quarry

We go to the upper right corner.We find a secret escape tunnel.

Approach Stan and talk to him.We stop the talkative marketer with a polite phrase “No, thanks.”We ask Stan if he knows about the existence of a secret escape tunnel.

Stan proudly announces that it makes no sense for him to run, because he was given a term of only a month.We receive a court order from Stan.We ask the marketer to tell us about the financial pyramid, which he mentioned earlier.We learn from Stan about the accountant Ned, the keeper of his papers, which Stan is going to immediately burn at the first opportunity.

We show Elaine's leaflet to Stan.The marketer is ready to help Elaine, but only at a personal meeting with her.

We return to Stan his toothbrush.

Note.We get theachievement"Give Stan his toothbrush back."

This concludes our business here, so we leave the Ice Quarry using the escape tunnel.We are inside the town hall.

town hall

We pass into the hall of the Contest of Seriousness.Calling the Triangle Contest of Seriousness.The referee explains the rules of this competition to us.The queen tells us one of her jokes.We do not laugh and the move passes to us.

Open inventory and click on the book with jokes.We tell any joke from this book.The Queen breaks down and laughs.The Judge awards the victory in the second competition to us.

We move to the hall with a shark jaw.

Put the fish in an empty bucket.Sprinkle the fish in the bucket with devil's pepper.We call triangle.

We listen to the rules of this Contest of gluttony from the Judge.

The queen takes her fish from the bucket and can't handle the devil's pepper.Open inventory and drag fish from inventory onto your plate.Automatically make two bites.Not believing his eyes, the Judge awards us victory in this competition.We watch the cut-scene in which the Judge declares us the new queen of Brr-Moods.We give consent to all oaths that the Judge pronounces.

We can't wait to get our hands on the royal crown with the Golden Key.We take out the Golden Key we need (2/5), and after that the crown crumbles into separate keys.We get out of this situation, declaring our royal will.

We are watching a video about what is happening with the LeChaka team.

We leave the royal palace, having already two Golden Keys in our inventory.On the ship we go to Tsing Island.

Scurvy Island

We follow into the lime grove in which Elaine is located.We talk to her.

- Can you take Brr Moody to the Ice Quarry and talk to Stan about your flyer?

Elaine refuses and insists on Stan coming.We sit on our ship and set off on a new route.

Barebones Island

We moor to Barebones Island.

Meet Stan's accountant, Ned Filigranov.We communicate with him on all available topics.Ned is confident that Stan has received a 10-year sentence.

We show Ned the judge's decree that Stan is given only a month's sentence.

Ned was upset by this information.He gives us papers incriminating Stan.We take Ned's financial statements.We return to the ship and hastily sail to Brr-Muda.

Brr Muda Island


We go to the city center and go into the courthouse.

We present to the Judge the received financial statements of Ned.But the judge requires written testimony from the witness.In inventory, we rummage in Ned's suitcase and pull out a license from there, study it.

Click on the photo frame.We replace Stan's photo with a license.We present to the Judge a fake.Without blinking an eye, we give an oath to the Judge.

The judge reverses his decision and issues a new judgment extending Stan's prison sentence by 10 years.We leave the courthouse and head to the Ice Quarry.

Ice quarry

We show Stan a new court decision.This time, Stan himself asks for help in escaping.

Use the double monocle on Stan's shackles.Write down their serial number.We hasten to our ship and sail to the island of Razni.

Melee Island

Locksmith shop

We arrive on the island and follow to Upper Street.We go to the castle shop.

We show the key to Nice the recorded serial number and ask him to make a key from the shackles.We get a ready key and exit the shop.

upper street

We decide to talk to Weirdi Bones, who informs us that she does not have the Golden Key, because a ghostly woman took it.Judging by the description, it was an Iron Rose.On our ship we go to Brr-Muda.

Brr Muda Island

ice quarry

We move to the Ice Quarry.

We open Stan's shackles with the made key.We announce to the marketer that we are going to take him to Elaine.We automatically find ourselves in a camp on the island of Tsinga.

Scurvy Island

hiking camp

Listen to Stan Stanman's Master Class on the ABCs of Marketing.At Stan's request, we choose the name of the future product, the motto and everything else of your choice.After fulfilling all Stan's requests, we get a new leaflet from him.

Note.You may have your own version of the flyer when choosing other titles.

We pick up a new version of the leaflet from the table.On our ship we go out to the open sea.

Somewhere in the sea

On the ship we head to the lonely drifting ship.

We greet unfamiliar pirates with the exclamation: "Hey, on board."We are answered with the same cry.

Note.We get theachievement"Say: "Hey, on board" more than 20 times."

Pay attention to the hanging red flag.We ask for permission to board, but we do not receive it.According to the pirates, deadly scurvy is atrocious on board, so they are in quarantine.

We ask the pirates all the questions from the list.We invite the pirates to read the new leaflet.

Automatically transfer limes to pirates.Delighted, the pirates disappear inside their ship, having previously lowered a rope ladder for us.

Now we can safely take down the Bella Fisher flag.We need a third flag.

We watch a video about how the former Queen complains to Elaine about Guybrush.

We return to the island of Melee.

Melee Island

Fish shop "Shaking cod"

We follow to the upper street and go into the fish shop.

We legally remove the Bella Fisher flag.

Open inventory and decide to combine the three red flags.

The flags are automatically folded into a single whole on the map.We mark with a cross the resulting place of Bella Fisher's secret fishing.

Somewhere on the open sea

Bella Fisher's secret fishing spot.

We're going to a new place.

Drop anchor at the marked spot.Before descending into the sea in the inventory we inflate the blowfish.We go down the anchor chain.After stopping in the middle of the descent, open the inventory and take a breath of air from the inflated blowfish.

Note.This must be done once.Subsequently, before descending into the sea, you just need to inflate the blowfish again.Guybrush will do all breaths automatically.

We go to the right, remove the Golden Key (3/5).We climb the anchor chain.

We are watching a video insert about the joint pastime of the crew members of two pirate ships.

We float to the side.Click on your ship so that you can perform actions on your own ship.We inflate the pufferfish and dive into the ocean.

We look around and climb the anchor chain.We swim to another place.

Three more times we descend to the seabed in different places (there should be seven different options for the seabed in total, including the location with the Bella Fisher ship, in order to examine the different terrain.

Note.We get theachievement"Inspect the entire bottom of the sea."

We finish sea research and sail to the island of Terror.

Isle of Terror

We moor to the island and look around.

We study the sign and go to the map of the island.

First, we follow the "Unfortunate Place".We find a silver key in a pile of bones, pick it up.

Then our path lies on the "Mysterious Edge".On the right in the clearing we find and select an oil lamp, which we examine in inventory.

With a lamp in your inventory, follow the Winding Path.We move all the time along a winding path until we see a strange sign.

We read the seen sign, then we try to take it, but the sign does not give in.

With the help of a knife, we pry off a strange sign, under which we find a keyhole.

We insert the found silver key into the keyhole.The door opens and we enter a dark cave.

In inventory, combine the lamp with matches, get a lit lamp.We follow to the right screen along the upper path.We reach a dark tunnel and go into it.

We read the inscription on the plate in front of the entrance to the labyrinth.

We move randomly through the maze in order to find and collect five notes that will serve as the key to pass through the maze.

We open the inventory and read aloud the inscription on the strange plate.We are transported to the place where the sign hung.Again we head to the labyrinth, we go into it.

Open inventory, read collected notes.Pay attention to the signs that symbolize the seasons.You need to go through the maze, focusing on the symbols in the following order:spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring.

We move into those passages, near which the corresponding signs are depicted.

We follow the signs and reach the edge of the cliff.

We read the warning that the "Pit of Agony" is ahead and bravely jump into the water.The oil lamp immediately goes out, leaving us in total darkness.We open the inventory, read the spell of the portal and immediately move to the entrance to the cave.

We draw the right conclusion from what happened.So, we need to find a fire that does not go out under water.Such a fire burns from the head of Flambe (Hanging Bob told us about this).

We leave the Island of Horror and moor at LeChuck’s ship.

LeChuck's ship

We rise to the observation deck and light the lamp from Flambe's head.We go down into the hold.

We notice the golden key inside the ghostly chicken.We collect ghostly food and treat them to a ghostly chicken.

We go up and immediately come back again.We pick up the Golden Key (4/5).

We watch a video insert about what LeChuck and Iron Rose are doing.

We leave LeChuck’s ship and return to the Isle of Terror.

Isle of Terror

We moor at the island and immediately head to the Winding Path.

We go into a dark cave and after a while we find ourselves at the Pit of Agony.

We jump into the water.Hellfire in the lantern did not disappoint.We move to the right screen until we see another entrance to the labyrinth.

We go deep into the labyrinth and bravely move to the right until we find ourselves on the edge of a cliff.We are trying to read the inscription on the warning sign, but we do not have time.We fall into the cave, in which we meet our old friend Herman Toothrot.

We communicate with him on all proposed topics.We end the conversation and decide to look around.

We notice a purple cover of a book near Herman's couch.We ask the owner of the cave about this.It turns out that this cover is from the book "On the edge of the board" (5/5).

Note.We get theachievement"Find all copies of the book" On the edge of the board ".

We suddenly notice the Golden Key and try to take it, but Herman sharply objects.

We begin to bargain with Herman: we offer to pull him out of the cave in exchange for a key.Herman is satisfied with another option: the key after the release.After a small scuffle, we find ourselves in complete darkness.But with the Golden Key (5/5) in hand.Open inventory and read aloud the movement spell.After moving, we head to our ship.

Let's watch the video.

We board the ship and immediately sail to the Island of Melee.SAVE the game.

Melee Island

Mojo International House

We moor at the island and hurry to Lower Street.We go to the voodoo shop.

We can't wait to open the safe.We alternately insert the Golden Keys into the keyholes.

We watch the cut-scene.

Part 5 - Beneath The Monkey Head

Monkey Island

Together with Elaine, we hurry to a huge monkey head, under which there is a ritual hall.On the way, we talk with my wife, we choose any remarks.While Elaine is dealing with Flair at the entrance to the cave, we go inside and move along the winding path.

We notice hanging Wally.After completing the conversation with the cartographer, we take out the key to the shackles from LeChaka's ship from the inventory.With his help, we free Wally from the shackles.

Note.Getthe"Save Wally from Monkey Island" achievement.

Wally runs away, and we continue on the thorny path of the unknown.

After some time, Flambe meets us with a warning.

We reach the cliff and courageously jump off it.We find ourselves on a ledge near the front door.We pass through it and find ourselves in a cave with three entrances.LeChak blocks one of the entrances.

We read a message on the door that says that "Only an organized pirate will pass."We go to the door on the right.

We select from the floor a pebble, similar to a coin.We put an empty mug in the hands of the statue.We pass through the door on the right.

We hand over the double monocle to the statue.We follow the door on the right.

We put a knife in the hand of the next statue.We go to the right.

We select a stone from the floor.We give crackers to the monkey with the parrot.We leave through the door on the right and find ourselves in the central hall.We see that the middle door is now unlocked.

Again we pass through the halls with statues.We take away from the statues an empty mug from under the grog and a knife.We return to the central hall.

We fix for ourselves what the upper part of the head looks like above the doorway (the image is random).We go down.LeChuck blocks the middle door again.

We select a coin from the floor.We read the message on the door, which warns that further "Only an observant pirate will pass."Again we go to the right.

We select a coin from the floor.In the next room, we also select a coin.Now we have to arrange the coins into chests of different sizes in such a way that the number of coins in the chests does not match.

We put one coin in a small chest.We throw two coins into a chest of medium size.

In a large chest we put the remaining two coins.Add coins from your wallet.The middle door will unlock.We follow into the central hall.

Before descending, we again fix for ourselves the image of the lower part of the head (it is also random).We go down.

Let's watch the video.

LeChuck does not change himself and again blocks the middle door.

We read the message on the door, which says that "Only a bloodthirsty pirate will pass."By tradition, we go to the right.

Use the knife on the statue.We collect liquid in an empty mug, which begins to flow from the statue.We follow to the right.

We do not spare this statue, on which we also use a knife.Liquid also begins to flow from the statue and flows into the drain under the grate.We move to the right.We find a broken statue.We take out the filled mug from the inventory and pour the liquid into the drain.The middle door is unlocked, head towards it.

We remember the number on the door (it is also random) and go down the stairs.

We approach the stone wheel and first put on it the number we saw and the image of the upper and lower parts of the head (remember the random).For further clues, we go down to the lava.

We read the limericks on the tablet:

- If you swim forfouryears,

The legs will become rotten like a barrel;

-Threesteps to the right,twofeet to the left

Slip off: walk to Davy Jones.

We return to the stone wheel.

From the installed image, we begin to spin the wheel, according to the prompt:

- Four times click on the center to change the date;

- Rotate the outer big wheel three times;

- Turn the inner wheel twice.

We pass through the openeddoorand ...

Melee Island

We find ourselves in the alley of the island of Melee.To get the achievement SAVE the game.We go out to the Upper Street Square and watch the cut-scene.

Stan hands us the keys and asks us to turn off the lights everywhere before leaving.With Stan's keys, we return back to the alley.

We open the door with the keys, from which we just left.We pass through the open door.

We rise along all the stairs to the upper platform.We go to the world familiar to us and watch subtitles.

Note.We get theachievement"Return to the world you know."

Loading the save in the alley.

We select a box of popcorn.We go out to the square, we get a bunch of keys from Stan.

We look at the scenery around.We notice the key to the left of the chest, take it into inventory.With this key, we unlock the chest with the Mystery.

Using Stan's keys, open the switch cover and turn off the light.We turn off the other three switches in the same way.

We communicate with Elaine and leave with her through the archway.

Bench in the park

Choose any answer for your son.

After Elaine whispers about the discovery of another card, we have the opportunity to answer a random question about the second card on the ninth page.

Cogg Island (Secret Island)

Initially, there was no correct answer on the card.After beating the game, an answer with the coordinates of the island appears in it (randomly).

Loading the save from the fifth episode.We find on the map the intersection point indicated on the card; we swim there.

We click on the ship.We inflate the pufferfish and dive into the ocean.

We go to the center of the island and look around. You can walk along the paths and visit various places from the center, but we need a way out of this island.

Note.We get theachievement"Find the island of gears."

So we just exit the game.

Reload the save with the card.We answer the quiz questions on the ninth page.

Note.We get theachievement"Correctly answer 100 questions of the quiz."

P._S._To get the last achievement, you must complete the game in easy mode in two hours, skipping cutscenes, clicking in the dialogues on the previous question and moving forward through the story in a fast-paced mode.Those who wish can get this achievement on their own.

Walkthrough for Return to Monkey Island | Adventure Gamers (2024)
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